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Powers Fasteners 04678 6" Powerlite Roofing Anchor - Black (500/Box)

Item #:04678-PWR
Powers Fasteners 04678 6" Powerlite Roofing Anchor - Black (500/Box)

Product Description

The Powerlite is a fastener used to mechanically attach rigid insulation board and single-ply membrane to structural cement wood fiber, gypsum, and lightweight insulating concrete roof decks. The fastener is used in conjunction with insulation and membrane plates. Both types of stress plates are formed from Galvalume, an alloy material which meets Factory Mutual Research Corporation Standard 4470 for corrosion protection. The plates are manufactured with four barbs on the underside that grip the insulation board or single-ply membrane preventing rotation.

The Powerlite is designed with a high thread profile along with a tapered root diameter and sharp point. This unique design allows the Powerlite to penetrate the roof deck and progressively compact the base material creating a stronger hold in weak material. Normally, the Powerlite can be installed into cement wood fiber decks such as Tectum® without predrilling. Decks such as Insulrock may require a 5/16" pre-drilled hole. Gypsum and lightweight insulating concrete decks should be pre-drilled using a 3/8" or 7/16" carbide tipped bit. Larger carbide tipped bits up to 1/2" in diameter can be used in denser material. The drill bit size to be used should be determined during the job site test.

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