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MAX RB218 Rebar Tying Tool

Item #:MAX-RB218
MAX RB218 Rebar Tying Tool

MAX RB218 ReBar-Tier Tool


REDUCES TYING TIME: About 5 times faster than manual tying. Makes ties in less than 1 sec. per tie with consistent tie strength. High speed tying saves you time and money.

LI-ION HIGHER CAPACITY BATTERY: Thanks to the Lithium-lon battery technology, the RB218 ties approx. 3,000 ties per charge (Old model RB217 : 2,000 ties per charge), which is 5 times more than Ni-Cd model. Less charging time means more productive work on the jobsites. Also, Lithium-Ion battery has no Memory Effect so you can charge the battery whenever convenient.

BRUSHLESS TWISTING MOTOR: The brushless electric motor offers higher efficiency and longer lifetime. It increases ties per charge by 35% comparing with older model motor and does not require service caused by brush erosion or dirt on commutator.

REDUCES RISK OF HEALTH PROBLEMS: Just pull the trigger, this simple operation reduces potential wrist damage such as carpal tunnel injuries. Using the optional extension bar reduces the risk of back injuries.

LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT BODY: Weighs only 5.3lbs, Easy to handle.

ONE HAND OPERATION: Allows worker to hold re-bar while tying, reducing set up time.

SELECTIVE WRAPPING TIMES PER TIE: With the adjustment dial you can select 3 wraps per tie or 4 wraps per tie.

AUTO SHUTOFF: Auto shutoff features extends battery life.

BELT HOOK: Reversible belt hook eliminates bulky holster and keeps tool handy and safe.

USES TW898 wire: Uses only MAX genuine TW898 and TW898-PC wire.

NEW ENCLOSED DESIGN: Tool is better sealed to keep dirt and debris out of tool to extend tool life.

NEW BLOW OUT CHANNELS: MAX recommends daily blow out of tool with compressed air and has added blow out channels to ease cleaning.


  • MODEL: RB218
  • WEIGHT: 5.3 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS: 12"(H) x 4-1/8"(W) x 10-5/8"(L)
  • TYING SPEED: Less than one second
  • TIES PER COIL: Approx. 170 to 210 ties
  • TIES PER CHARGE: Approx. 3,000 ties
  • RE-BAR SIZE: Mesh x Mesh to #3 x #3
  • TIE WIRE: TW898(Regular Steel wire), TW898-EG(Electro Galvanized wire), TW898-PC(Polyester-Coated wire).
  • ACCESSORIES: Battery pack JPL91440A (1pc.), AC Battery charger JC914, Carrying case / Belt hook.
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